if you flow, they grow

ok so now what? you have a brand new shiny e-commerce site that we just launched. you’re chomping at the bit for your first sale. cha ching! one order comes in. oh, it’s just your mom.
then…crickets. no new sales. what gives?

many of our clients don’t realize that launching new website can be like putting up a billboard in the middle of the tunisian desert. you have drive traffic there (and not by camel). this is where email marketing comes in. “but how?” you say and “what do I do?”

that is where we come in. email marketing is just as important and just as labor intensive as strategizing, designing and building a website. and dont forget about SMS marketing.

here is what can we do for you:

marketing flows

when a customer places trust in your products they need to stay connected to your brand. this is best achieved through email and SMS. for example, when your customer places an order, they get an email confirmation with their order details. this email needs to look like it came from the same website they ordered from, with your messaging, or your customer may lose trust in your brand.

we will set up all these flows, from shipping confirmations, to cart abandonments, to welcome emails. we can strategize any connection you want to your customer and make that messaging yours.

marketing campaigns

customer acquisiton and retention is best done through campaigns. email and SMS marketing are one of the most powerful ways to acquire new customers and keep them. we will design, develop and deploy all of your email marketing campaigns. anything from new product launches, to contests and promotions, to holiday specials and birthdays, the sky is the limit when it comes to your imagination.

    would you like a free analysis?

    send us your information and we can send you a list of recommendations for email flows and campaigns based on your product type. please note, this may require us to access your email marketing software if you already have one set up.

    we are located in los angeles, ca. call us at: (323) 207-9658